High Level Help with IronRuby - VS C# 2010

I need some clarification about how to create a valid Iron Ruby build
Environment. I want to ensure I have the correct configuration to work
with Iron Ruby.

My Goal is to use the VS C# IDE to enter Ruby Code and build an
executable. Windows XP, Iron Ruby 1.1.2, Visual Studio Express C# 2010.
Not worried about Ruby comparability.

I have been overwhelmed by the documentation as not sure what applies
and what does not. Can I get answers to the following general questions
regarding creating an Iron Ruby build environment under Visual Studio,
just so I have a valid starting point.

1)Can I use the Express edition of C# or must it be the professional
version (saw reference to Iron Ruby templates being ignored for Express

2)For C# Express the SDK will not install (for me) is it required at

3)Can I create an Iron Ruby build environment under C++ or must it be C#

  1. It would appear the DLR is part of the downloaded Iron Ruby 1.1.2 and
    I am assuming I do not need the DLR source from codeplex.

5)Is Iron Editor valid, notice last update and documentation from 2
years ago??

5)What are the “tools” installed with Iron Ruby 1.1.2 - not sure what
they are referring to.

6)Most of the Iron Ruby documentation I find is for VS C# 2008. Is there
equivalent documentation for C# 2010 and where would be a good place to
go searching for it.

Appreciate any help.