Hidden file

Does anyone know the purpose of a hidden file called “.gems” in my
home folder on os x?

That’s where gems will be installed if you run a “gem install …”
command and you don’t have permission to create files in the default
gem directory. If you run “sudo gem install …” the gems will be
installed in the default location.


Yes, but I keep deleting the folder and it keeps coming back. It’s
empty but it keeps re-appearing.

Hi Rong,

Have you been loading gems? I’m not sure which part of RoR causes it
to be created but you can think of it like your shell history file.
One or more of the applications you run regularly use that file for
book keeping and startup configuration.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much but you could keep deleting it and
see if it gets recreated as part of one of your favorite apps is run.