Hi Everyone

I am Generating the Excel sheet using the ruby on rails
I installed the gem spreadsheet/excel
and the spreadsheet

and in my code i wrote the lines
require ‘spreadsheet/excel’
require ‘spreadsheet’

i used to format the excel sheet

wb = Spreadsheet::Excel.new(path) # creates the Excel sheet

ws = wb.add_worksheet(“employee”) # creates the work sheet

and i defined the format as the

f5 = Format.new(:number_format => “#,###,##0.00”)

then it is generating the error as
Error : uninitialized constant GenerateExcelSheet::Format

then i kept as Spreadsheet::Format.new()

then the :bold,:num_format and some fields are not working
it is throwing the errror as
Error in GenerateExcelSheet undefined method `bold=’ for

i used to open the application in the netbeans …
the database i used is sqlserver
i copied the ADO.rb and it is throwing the exception --unable to load

Can anyone please help me… it is urgent