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Actually, so far, it’s about 0.92(± 0.02) in 1. [1]
However, looking to the future, assuming we find a means to immortality
at some point, it’s unlikely to be something we forget in a hurry, and
from that point on, neither Americans, nor anyone else will need to
die. Thus all previous lives and deaths will eventually be swamped out,
so the probability will diminish to 0.

Predicting that event, I place the odds over all time at 0.



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I guess that is as impossible as that hatery and stupidity will go away.

But things will become better, death in itself gives a meaning to life.
will probably not want to die when the time comes but would I want to
I adore Asimov’s Bicentenial (sp?) Man, pretty sums it up in one word,
is defining Humanity.

Well, nough said but it kind of fills my heart with joy how this tread
evolved from a hatery message.
I am very glad to be on this list even saying stupid things all the


Most of my coding work is done with gangsta rap playing. Kind of like
how Michael Bolton used to roll back in “Office Space.” Although hair
metal could have its place as well.

Hi –

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traffic that is not Rails related, but is certainly not spam. You
I mean… we all seem to be very well adept at building this bike
shed… but if we were talking rocket science or a nuclear reactor… it
would be a different story for sure…

No, I think those would be equally off-topic – perhaps more :slight_smile:


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