HeyWatch library released - Video encoding web service

Hi people,

I just released a library for the Hey!Watch web service.

Hey!Watch provides a simple and robust video encoding plateform for
both individuals (B2C) and companies (B2B).

The service allows developers to access a fast, scalable and
inexpensive web service to encode videos easier. The API can be easily
integrated in any web or desktop applications.

Here is an example:

require ‘heywatch’
include HeyWatch

Base::establish_connection! :login => ‘login’, :password => ‘password’

raw_video = Download.create(:url => ‘http://host.com/video.avi’,
:download => true) do |percent, total_size, received|
puts “#{percent}%”

ipod_format = Format.find_by_name(‘iPod 4:3’)
encoded_video = Job.create(:video_id => raw_video.id, :format_id =>
ipod_format.id) do |percent|
puts “#{percent}%”

puts “downloading #{encoded_video.title}”
path = encoded_video.download
puts “video saved in #{path}”

Install: gem install heywatch
Website: http://heywatch.com
RDoc: http://heywatch.rubyforge.org
API doc: http://wiki.heywatch.com/API_Documentation

Hey!Watch: http://heywatch.com
Hey!Spread: http://heyspread.com
Blog: http://particle-s.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/HeyWatch