Heroku alternatives

I have finally successfully deployed simple apps on Heroku in
following the tutorial at


Are there other free sites like Heroku? I want to deploy on other
sites as well, so that I caern see what the differences are from one
site to another.


I’m not sure, but I guess EngineYard is one of the competitors:

Heroku - Wikipedia → See section “Competitors” for

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I can also suggest Cloud 66 (www.cloud66.com) which is an application
management as a service. It configures, deploys and manages your web
applications and mobile backends on any cloud or your own servers
without the need to for any download or sysop.

Disclaimer: I work for Cloud 66

you should chek www.dotcloud.com , I used that with a python framework
(web2py) an I saw that it also support rails
but I haven’t used it yet. I used heroku for rails and it is fine

Another alternative worth looking at is Shelly Cloud:
https://shellycloud.com Deployment is done via git like in Heroku, but
it differs in that you get whole virtual servers that you can utilize in
different ways: for application servers, delayed_job workers, databases,
etc. It comes with free credit, so you can play with it for about a
month (depending on usage) without paying anything.