HermesNB with Pybombs

Heard your talk on this work. Went digging around in the new Pybombs
list but didn’t notice anything that looked HPSDR-like.
Before I go to TAPR subversion could you give us a pointer to the latest
version for the Everyone wants to brag about their progress before
Dayton weekend.


Hi Greg - there is no Pybombs recipe for gr-hpsdr. I do not have Pybombs
installed, so can’t test a recipe.

My development system pushes to github, so it’s always up to date and
most accurate mirror. I endeavor to keep
TAPR SVN accurate, but it is manually copied from github…

I recommend getting gr-hpsdr from github which has the latest, and doing
the source build.

– Tom, N5EG

Check again, recipe added
“./pybombs sync” should update recipes to the latest for you