hi all…
I m using cron for my application.
already for my 1st task i use the schedule.rb
again i want to use cron job again for my 2nd task.
is it possible to use the same schedule.rb file?
why i ask is whenever i modify any of my tasks settings it overwrites
the schedule.rb file.
so how can i solve this…
any ideas.
Thanks for Any HELPS

Quoting Newb N. [email protected]:

Thanks for Any HELPS

I’ll assume you are using Javan’s whenever for a starting point. This
generates a crontab file. You should be able to add a second task to
config/schedule.rb file, re-generate and update or overwrite your
crontab file. I am unclear what is overwriting the schedule.rb file.
As I
read the whenever documentation, whenever can modify your crontab, but
modify schedule.rb.

I notice there are many forks of whenever, if you give us more details
which version, whether you are using Capistrano for deployment (which
modify schedule.rb on the production servers), etc. we may be able to