Help with using RSS parser in a Rails project?

I’m VERY new at Ruby on Rails. I’m at my first attempt at an application
for myself that will do something useful, thanks in advance for any

I’ve already written a functioning Ruby script that goes through an RSS
feed to extract and print information I want (headlines and URL for
items published on a certain date). Now I’m trying to turn it into a
Ruby on Rails project (to share with colleagues on an internal server,
and hopefully build on it).

I used Ruby’s built-in rss library to parse the feed, with code like

some of this code adapted from The Ruby Way

i = 0
open(url) do |h|
resp =
result = RSS::Parser.parse(resp,false)
result.items.each do |item|

I’ve made a hash with two keys – the key and the item number

    myhash[["title",i]] = item.title # pulls the headline
    myhash[["pubDate",i]] = item.pubDate # pulls the publish date
    myhash[["link",i]] = # pulls the url

    regex = /articleId=(\d+)/ # uses a regular expression to get the

article ID
contentid = regex.match(
myhash[[“id”,i]] = contentid[1]
posted = item.pubDate.to_s
regexp = /[A-Z][a-z][a-z],\s(\d+\s[A-Z][a-z]+\s20\d\d)/
match = regexp.match(posted)

    if theday == match[1] # checking to see if the publish date

matches the date I want from elsewhere in the script

         print myhash[["id",i]]
         print "  "
         puts myhash[["title",i]]

i = i+1


This all works fine when I run it as a Ruby script from my command line.
But within a Rails project, I get an error message

undefined method `published’ for #RSS::Rss::Channel::Item:0x478c43c

If I comment out the line with the item.published, then I get

undefined method `url’ for #RSS::Rss::Channel::Item:0x453bac0

and so on.

Clearly I’m not using the built-in rss library correctly within Rails.
Suggestions to point this beginner on how to do it correctly would be
greatly appreciated!!!

Oops never mind, I’ve found my own answer, I needed to use the proper
tags from the RSS feed – pubDate instead of published, etc. D’oh. No
idea why that was working correctly in the Ruby version!