Help with UDP sink

I want to send 12.5e6 SPS I/Q data to several host over 1 Gbit ethernet.

I tried to set dest IP to to have a broadcast with no
success. Seem UDP sink waits for open port on dest IP before start
sending any data.

Any ideas how multicast of the same data can be done?

My idea was to have 1 usrp sampling spectrum of 12.5 MHz and send the
data to
all PCs in the class room. Seem that is not possible on swiched LAN.
What I made is to put 2 LAN adapters on every PC (except last one).
First PC is connected to USRP on first adapter and on second it is
connected to the next PC. Simple GRC flow grapht recives signal from
USRP and sends it to
and IP of the next PC. Next PC recive signal from first one send data to and to the IP of the next PC. Same again and again …

Seem it works with 1Gbit LAN adapters. :slight_smile: I haven’t saw any lost frames.

Used PCs are with Intel i3 precessors.

Hope it will be usefull for teachers with small buget :slight_smile: