Help with Typo plugin


I am getting a bit stuck trying to create a Typo sidebar plugin using
Typo 4.03. This is my first time using Typo and I am quite new to
Rails too, so please bear with me!

I want to create a plugin called ‘gallery’, so I created a controller
called gallerysb (for gallery sidebar) in components/plugins/sidebars
and a folder called gallerysb in the directory.

Inside the directory I created a directory called content.rthml
containing the following:

components/plugins/sidebars/gallerysb james$ more content.rhtml


My controller contains:

components/plugins/sidebars james$ more gallerysb_controller.rb
class Plugins::Sidebars::GallerysbController <

display_name “Gallery”
description ‘gallery stuff’

def content

When I attempt to publish the controller, Typo just hangs and doesn’t
do it. I can make other plugings active though (the built in ones).

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong please?

Also, my plugin is going to need a model - where should I put the
model code? Basically I want to have my sidebar plugin that generates
a list of available galleries, and when you click on one, it goes into
a gallery controller which displays a page showing all the gallery
images. I guess the gallery should have its own controller too.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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