Help with Twitter4r

Hi everybody… This is my first post where with a doubt in the first
application that i am developing in ruby… I’m using Twitter4r library
and Ramaze instead of Rails.

I think the problem is this bit of code:

def generate
@content = ‘’
client = => ‘myuser’, :password => ‘mypass’)
received_messages = client.messages(:received)
received_messages.each do |f|
@content = @content + f.text + ', ’

The error message is:

Errno::ETIMEDOUT at /generate
A connection attempt failed because the connected component does not
respond properly after a period of time or established connection failed
because connected host has not responded. - Connect (2)

Ruby /lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb: in initialize, line 564
Web GET localhost/generate



Eduardo Goncalves wrote:

received_messages.each do |f|
@content = @content + f.text + ', ’

Can you get this code to work as a stand-alone script?


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