Help with the C502 capacitor

Hi everyone,

I need to replace the C502 capacitor and
I am not able to identify the right component.
It is one of those bigger yellowish capacitors, located just next to the
“TXB” letters on the USRP board.

On, for instance, one can choose from the following:

Aluminum (13,539 items)
Arrays (495 items)
Ceramic (23,784 items)
Film (4,281 items)
Mica and PTFE (123 items)
Niobium Oxide (234 items)
Supercaps, Ultracaps, Aerogel, Electric Double Layer (270 items)
Tantalum (8,917 items)
Thin Film (404 items)
Trimmers, Variable (270 items)
Can anyone tell me which type I should be looking at, and the
packaging dimensions
(my measurement gave me ~6mm x ~4mm x ~3mm)? Any further information
on the specs of original part and/or where I could order it would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

10uF 16 Volts Size-C


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