Help with setting up a server to run rubyonrails application

Hi list,

I have written a rubyonrails application on my local machine and now
that the program is working fine I want to put it on a server.
The problem is that the network admin that I have to work with does not
know anything about rubyonrails and I don’t know that much about setting
up rubyonrails applications on a server.
I would appreciate if you can provide me with some references that I
pass to the network adminstator on what is needed and how to setup up a
Mac server to run rubyonrails applications.
Any help is greately appreciated.

That should do it. It’s what I used, and it’s a
step-by-step-you-can’t-messup tutorial. At least it was for me.

Good luck!

-Ben L.

FCGI is becoming a depreciated way of running rails it appears, take a
look at mongrel - its a (mostly) pure ruby HTTP server.

You will need to deploy a reverse proxy like pound or pen. Take a look
which i found to be most usefull