Help with RESTful routes


I have just added a new functions to my RESTful user model
forgot_password that I believe I should now be accessing in the
following url http://localhost:3000/users;forgot_password instead of
/users/forgot_password is this correct?

Secondly reading the agile rails book it is telling me I need to add
somthing to my routes to define this, such as
map.resources :users, :collection => {:forgot_password => :get}
what is the difference between :collection and :member and which one
should I use?



:collection applies to collections of your resource. See the standard
index action:


:member applies to one instance of your resource. See the standard
show action:


If your custom action will return an array of your resource
use :collection if it return one instance of your resource
use :member.

Also in case your action creates a new instance of your resource
use :new

Also make sure you use the correct method in your custom actions.
Keep REST verbs in mind and use the proper one for the task.


map.resources :users :member => { :disable => :put }



Here we create routes for disabling a member (instance) of User and
are updating it’s state to be disabled. You may want to do something
like this in case other related actions should be taken when a user
gets disabled. If only the user resource’s state changes you can use
the standard routing to update (PUT) it’s new values.


Thanks for taking the time to answer that. That helped me out quite a

cheers, thats explained it pretty well

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