Help with regular expressions and gsub


I need to use gsub in a large text. For example, I will like to search
for ‘car’ in this text.

“Lorem ipum car. Locar ipsum,

car lorem ipusum

.Lorem car ipsum”

I will like to put ‘bike’ instead of ‘car’. Exactly I need this words,
and not ’ bike ', for example. Also, I do not want to do ‘Lobike’ in
‘Locar’ (it should remain ‘Locar’).

I’ll appreciate any help.


could you use regular expresion??

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I’ll appreciate any help.

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could you use regular expresion??

Hi guys,

you’re posting to the ror-es mailing list. The official language for
list is Spanish, so I’m gonna have to ask you to take the thread to
elsewhere (or switch to Spanish :wink: