Help with Namespaces

This is frustrating the hell out of me!

I have an application in which the controllers are split into two
groups, public and private.

In my routes file, I’ve split them into namespaces:

map.namespace :private do |private|
private.resources :batches
private.resources :cities


and so on.

When I run rake routes, it tells me what I expect to see:
private_batches GET /private/batches
{:controller=>“private/batches”, :action=>“index”}

But if I go to /private/batches I get the error message:

No route matches “/private/batches” with {:method=>:get}

It’s probably something really obvious that I’m missing but can anyone
help out?

Can you try like
./script/generate scaffold private/Batch
./script/generate scaffold private/City

map.namespace :private do |private|
private.resources :batches
private.resources :cities
But you will have to reedit the helper methods in
various html.erb files before make this to work


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