Help with JRuby projects

Hi all,

I’ve done my best to maintain and keep Warbler, AR-JDBC, and JRuby-Rack
up-to-date, but I could use your help moving them forward. I’m hoping
over the next few months to find some help to do maintenance and
releases so that I can free up some time for other things. This could
also be an opportunity to take those projects in a new direction if you
feel up to it.

To start, you’d be a great help to triage issues and review/test/merge
pull requests. I’m moving the GitHub repositories to be located under
the JRuby organization, so shortly they will all be available here:

If you already have git clones of the repositories in their old
locations, be sure to update their remote urls with the following

git remote set-url origin git://

Let me know if you’re interested in helping with these libraries and I
can add you as a committer.