Help With JavaScript

Hi -

Thanks for the useful information about how to add JavaScript to a page.

I know it’s not quite on the topic of RoR, but I need a little bit of
help with my JavaScript.

My HTML is as follows:

What I want to do is apply the class “selected” to certain links using
JavaScript. The purpose of this is to show what page you are currently

The JavaScript I currently have is this:

However, this only applies the class of “selected” to the

  • item. How
    to use the getElementById function to select the actual hyperlink?

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • Why do you need to get the actual hyperlink? If you just want to
    indicate what page you are on, use “li.selected a” as your CSS
    selector and it will find the proper link. I do this all the time for
    navigation lists.

    Otherwise, you will have to have an id on the actual link, not the
    list element. This would of course work at well, but then you have to
    assign an id to you link in the navigation code. Not very clear I
    know, but maybe this helps…

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