Help with installation

I’m new to ROR and have been trying persistently to resolve a problem.
My environment is XP SP3, MYSQL 5.0.67.I installed Ruby then RubyGems
then Rails. I can create apps and everything works except that when I
go to the root level of my app and type in the cmd - rake db:migrate -
it says rake aborted! Mysql::Error: Command out of sync; you can’t run
this command now: SHOW TABLES…

I created the app with rails -d mysql myapp. I then went to my config
folder to put the credentials in the database.yml file. I am
completely lost why I’m getting this error. In addition, when I do -
gem install mysql, I get a error that when creating the documentation
for the gem, it error out.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Thanks

Are you 100% sure you database/login details are correct in
This is what it is pointing to…
Cheers Dave