Help with in_place_edit from


I try to figure out how to use the scripts and followed
the example on their webpage, but still getting errors, like “element
has no properties”.
I have the following code:


<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

<%= textilize(@fancy_text)


class ShopController < ApplicationController
require ‘in_place_editor’

def add
#get the text to display initially
@fancy_text = “Some fancy bold and emphasized text.”

def update_text
#save your text here, and return the saved value
@fancy_text = params[:value]
render :layout => false, :inline => “<%= textilize( @fancy_text )

def return_unformatted_text
#get your text and return it without the formatting
@fancy_text = “Some fancy edited, bold and emphasized text.”
render :layout => false, :inline => “<%= @fancy_text %>”


I hope somebody can help me with this one.

Another question:

I am looking for an in_place_edit function (hopefully with to be used with mysql-database. Does anybody have code
example on this?
I found a lot of examples on the web but none of them worked for me

Best regards,


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