Help with hosting

I am a windows developer and I am able to develop and test my RoR apps
with webricks good. But the hosting company I choose was Linux based
and when I moved the app nothing worked bacause of the path of ruby
and gem etc.,

I have 2 questions,

  1. is there any hosting companies host RoR on windows?
  2. How you guys handle development, testing in Windows and production
    in Linux??

Thanks in advance.

Switching from Windows to Linux shouldn’t be a problem codewise. The
only difficult thing is deploying it to a web server. Take a look at
Litespeed ( for an easy deployment on
Linux. Also take a look at to look for a
Windows based Rails hosting company.

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I use Win (XP) and Linux (Ubuntu) in parallel for development and
testing of RoR applications.
Some tools are Linux specific but not the core ones.
The combination that I use is Appache+Mongrel witch enables me to be
hosted on both OS.
I prefer production hosting on Linux because it seams more natural,
most open source applications are natively Linux origin and have
better performance on it.
Also the Windows hosting is a more expensive in correlation to Linux
Try to be on the both sides - you never know what your client
requirements will be.

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Thank you very much and following link at one of the hosting company
has one of the best documentation on how to go about migrating from
windows to linux.