Help with Custom ERB Templates

I’m trying to create a custom erb template that allows me to mix MXML
and Ruby. I’m having problems coming from the way I wish to implement

In MXML you need tags which I would like to use Ruby to create.

Take note of the following MXML snippet:

<mx:Application “xmlns:mx”=“” >
blah blah blah

I would like to have an mxml/erb file create that in Ruby by doing
something like the following:

app[“xmlns:mx”]=“” %>
blah blah blah
<% } %>

In my current solution, ERB runs the Ruby code and generates the tag
with the proper options but displays the non-ruby part afterwards such
as this:

<mx:Application “xmlns:mx”=“” >

blah blah blah

Would there be any way to capture the “blah blah blah” as a string and
somehow pass that to the underlying Ruby so it can be told when to

I would really like for the curly-braces to signify the start and end of
a tag.

I suppose the functionality I’m trying to mimic is similar to form_tag
in Rails

<% form_tag ‘/posts’ do -%>

<%= submit_tag ‘Save’ %>

<% end -%>


Nevermind! seems to be a good base for
combining this and ERB.