Help with create/edit form for dynamic objects

I have a table called ‘cars’.

id name

1 Hyundai Accent
2 Chevy Impala
3 Merecedes C Class

I would like to know the users opinions on each of these cars, so I have
setup a table called ‘car_opinions’:

id user_id car_id opinion

1 1 1 Love it!
2 1 2 Bumpy ride.
3 1 3 Too expensive

The create form should look like :

Hyundai Accent : _____________
Chevy Impala : _____________
Mercedes C Class : _____________

After creating the records for the user,
the edit form would look like :

Hyundai Accent : Love It!
Chevy Impala : Bumpy Ride
Mercedes C Class : Too expensive

So this isn’t a trivial mapping of column to object. I am mapping a
dynamic set of objects (the cars) to a dynamic set of opinions.

As far as I can tell, I can’t just use the simple form_for construct?

Thanks for any help provided.

Any ideas, anyone?