Help with best practice connection for apache 1.3.x and rail

I’m adding some new content to a legacy system that is using apache
1.3.x, and I was doing some research for the best way to use rails in
this environment.

The system consists of four webservers behind a hardware load-balancer
so I don’t want to/can’t balance on the individual machines. I know
some of the methods to setup a new server include apache
2.2/proxy_balancer/mongrel or lighttpd/fcgi, but I can’t do a new
install or upgrade a the current servers because of legacy code.

My research has show that you can use SCGI or mod_fcgi. I was
wondering which of these is currently considered the better method for
stability, performance, etc. Also, is there a better interface that I
could use? (again, without installing a new server).

Thank you.

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