Help with app issuing error 500

Hi guys

I have a running app that worked in a server (apache + linux). Brougt
it home and it dosen’t seem to be working(mac + webbrick).

I get the error 500 message. I have another app and it runs fine. The
app was created in rails 1.2.3 and I am running 1.2.4. Can this be an

What I do is the following: I have created a local db. I did a migrate
Everything should work, but it isn’t.

I tried to do a chmod -R 777 tmp/ log/ in my app folder just in case,
and it still dosn’t work.

What do you guys suggest?

Thanks in advanced for any help.


Hi Joe

SyntaxError (/var/www/sandbox/public/…/config/…/app/models/user.rb:
20: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’
self.roles.count(:conditions => [‘name = ?’, role]) > 0

cch: Look at user.rb, line 20