Help with a blog application - search for words and score them

Hi there everyone

I have created a blog using RoR, this being my 4th application that I
have created. It’s all a learning curve and I am enjoying the
framework much better that JSP.

I would like to add onto the application a few things.

Here is what I would like to do
1 - enter the blog
2 - once blog is entered, search the text for a list of pre-defined
words, to be stored in a database (e.g. afraid, bored, curious,
depressed, eager) and highlight them in a different colour (red)
3 - attach a score to each word found from 1 to 10, that the user
enters in a pane to the side of the blog
4 - insert this number in a different colour (blue) after the word
5 - count the frequency of the word over time for each user (for
example, have a page that displays the words and their frequency - so
that I can see how many times this week I have used the word bored)
6 - be able to query the database externally for the number 5

If anyone can give me some database and MVC help, it would be greatly

Thanks in advance