Help Wanted! Part time Rails work


Hi Railers—

I’ve got a few medium sized Rails apps I’ve started and need to finish
to meet deadlines. I also have some future work coming down the pipe,
and I am in great need of a few good coders who I can trust and start
working with.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • been on rails for a few months at least
  • have at least 1 site in production on rails
  • know their way around lighty
  • some Typo experience
  • svn, css, xhtml, mysql, ajax experience (anyone here not have these??)
  • can squeeze in 10 hrs of work a week (or more if you can) (remote
    work of course)

Please email me back at removed_email_address@domain.invalid with some links, your
experience with Rails, and your hourly rate.


Jason Lynes



Sorry that I don’t have resume in English currently, but I have some
description of me and my experience at
I’m very experienced in Rails (more than 1 year) and in PHP (6 years
of real world development). I’m author of several local
Russian projects, like,, I was/am also working for a couple foreign
companies, like,, and
as a main RoR developer. My experience with Ruby is 4 years and in
whole programming near 8 years.

Right now we’re launching early next week, so it can
be counted as a production site in rails I think. I don’t have much
experience in Typo and lighty, but I don’t think that will be a

I’m also pretty experienced in JS, as I was developing a content
browsing system for my open source CMS MuraveyWeb, that’s nearly 1
KLOC of pure JS integrated with Rails (pre prototype times though).

My usual hourly rate is $20/h, but that depends on your budget.
Thanks for your time!


Guys, sorry for posting this on list. I didn’t mean to.