HELP.. wanna learn ruby

I am a second year degree student studying for on information systems
who is interested in programming and open source software solutions… I
am looking for a ruby project to get involved in which could actually
use da fact that I am new to it… or to put it simply a project where i
can get da hang of the language witout being a pain to other experienced
developers… If ther is anyone who can help pls contact me thrugh the
forum or… by my mail


well got the book and
have a couple of sites that have guides and help… I shall check the
books u
sent over thank you for the reply by da way… also I would like to
contribute towards ruby in some way because it seems like the right
thing to

thanks again

have you tried doing projects from books – a nice book to get into ruby
rails that you develop an web site is from SitePoinr is:

*Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
by Patrick

check out the pickaxe book of course for ruby language stuff

*Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide, Second Edition
[ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback) *
by Dave