Help using gri_glfsr from an external app

I have an application I’ve been compiling fine against gnuradio for
several years, including recent ubuntu and RHEL-6, until I tried it on
FC14. For some reason, on FC14, it seems like gri_glfsr is
improperly/inadequately defined or not linked properly. Long story
short, after the #include <gri_glfsr.h>, I can test that
INCLUDED_GRI_GLFSR_H is defined, so it doesn’t seem to be an include
path issue. I have a “gri_glfsr d_glfsr;" and then the line in question
is “d_glfsr = new gri_glfsr(mask, seed);” which complains "error: cannot
convert int
to gri_glfsr* in assignment”

can anyone help me understand what’s the matter here and moreover why it
only happens for me on FC14?

Replying to myself here- I’ve resolved the issue. In my previous email,
I also cut/pasted the wrong affected line from a different file. The
line was actually originally d_glfsr = new gri_glfsr::gri_glfsr(mask,
seed) which compiled fine but now things have changed somewhere and the
gri_glfsr:: part needed to go. It now compiles fine.