Help using active scaffold

I am trying to build a simple search/show tool as a first iteration of
a larger project. I only have one table right now and I would like to
implement active scaffold from the start of this project. I have
tried several times but I am having trouble with active scaffold. I
have my one table, I can easily create my model and controller several
ways but one of the 3 steps in implementing active scaffold is to
modify the layout:

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
<%= active_scaffold_includes %>

problem is, if I create a project, then create my model and then
controller - I don’t have a layout, nor do I really know how to create
one or what to put in it. I tried implementing scaffold first and
that works in giving me a layout to work with but I cant convert it
over to active scaffold plus that seems like the clunky way to do it.
To me it should be

ruby script/generate model
ruby script/generate controller
implement AS**

can anyone help with this layout issue (i am not real good on the view
side of things i guess


On Feb 6, 2008 12:38 PM, agilehack [email protected] wrote:

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
<%= active_scaffold_includes %>
can anyone help with this layout issue (i am not real good on the view
side of things i guess

Active Scaffold needs the following:

In your application layout file - put the active_scaffold_includes like
you did.
In your controller put:

active_scaffold :modal_plurals

In your routes.rb file, put

map.resources :model_name, :active_scaffold => true

This should give you a pure scaffold web page.

Then go to activescaffold website, and look at customizing views.



thank you thank you

couple questions:

  1. i don’t have a layouts file do I? that is my problem. I know I
    need to add those two lines to it but unless i scaffold or something I
    do not have a layouts file in my project period. Do i just create a
    blank layouts file and just have those two lines? if i simply create
    a model and controller off the one table I don’t have a layout I guess
    is my point and if i have to create one manually i don’t really know
    how - what do i put in it, what do i call it …etc

  2. in the controller what does this
    mean …active_scaffold :modal_plurals ??? i thought it was
    active_scaffold: (model being singular

  3. in the routes.rb file I will do what you say but why did the active
    scaffold site not say anything about modifying this file?

thanks a ton!

I got it, thanks for the help