Help understanding action web service and apis folder

I’m having some issues using action web service. It seems as though I’m
doing something wrong, here.

I have an application that manages users. Meaning it’s one service that
validates logins, and holds all user information. So I used the
‘script/generate web_service’ to build the UserApi, and tested it and
everything works fine.

So I go to use it in another application, include my ‘web_client_api’
declaration at the top of my controller, and it doesn’t work. It
appears that I have to have a copy of the user_api.rb file in that
app/apis folder as well?!?! That seems crazy to have to repeat that.
Isn’t the point of web services to use functionality without having to
know much about it?

Also, if I want to return the User object from the api using :returns =>
[User], I’m told that my other application doesn’t know if this class.
Does that mean that I have to duplicate the User class in every
application, too???

It seems like I’m doing something wrong, here. I’m using xmlrpc if that

Any thoughts and/or suggestions??? Thanks a lot in advance.