Help text display with wrapped text


I’ve been experimenting with wxruby for a bit, but am still a relative
I find myself wanting to do something that I think should be pretty
forward, but I can’t quite figure out how do it from the documentation.
I wish
to create a simple help screen, i.e., a simple window that pops up in
to a menu selection or a hot-key and displays static text. As far as I
can see,
there doesn’t seem to be a Dialog-derived class suitable for this. I
did try
using the MessageDialog class for this, but the problem is that the help
is rather long, so I want the user to be able to resize the help window
he (or she) wishes and have the displayed text wrap as appropriate to
the size
of the window. MessageDialog doesn’t seem to allow this, so I get an
help window with each paragraph displayed as a single line. How can I
what I want?