Help setting up https on Dreamhost


I am creating a typical online-store whereby most of my site is behind
http but i obviously need the payment part behind https. I have already
set up my secure hosting with Dreamhost but what i need help with is
actually getting it to work how i want it.

Currently the web directory that the secure server is set to be running
on is . This means that the whole of my
site is behind https (i think…).

I need to change this so that only the payment parts of my website are
behind https. Would this be as simple as changing it to and then just putting my
payment pages within this directory? The problem that i see is that
these payment pages would also be hosted under http as well so if
someone were to change the address they were viewing from to, they would still be able to view
the payment page unsecurely.

I may be totally going around this the wrong way so if someone could
help that would be a great help. Im quite new to web development and
this is the first time i have ever messed with things like secure

Thank you very much.


Best thing to do is contact DH support directly. Tell them where you
the SSL enabled and then tell them that you don’t want that folder to
non SSL requests.

They should be able to do that for you.