Help rebuilding my database

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to start with a fresh database, so I deleted my database,
db_name_dev, and then recreated it.
However, when I run rake db:migrate, instead of recreating my schema,
I get this error:

Mysql::Error: Table ‘db_name_dev.xxxx’ doesn’t exist: SHOW FIELDS FROM

This leads me to believe that somehow my app or MySQL doesn’t know
that I’ve started over, as it is looking for a table that will be
recreated in my migration.

Why would it do that? I’ve gone through similar steps in the past
(delete db, recreate, and run migrations) and have never seen this
before. Does anyone know how I can force a fresh start so that I can
use my migrations to rebuild my schema?

Thanks very much,

I think I’ve figured this out, by reverting to previous versions of my
schema using VERSION=x, and then checking if rake db:migrate brings me
back to the current schema successfully. It looks like I had
conflicts between some migrations, although from the original error
message was not clear which ones.