Help QAM decoding

I have audio block feeding a 16QAM modulator block and that directly
connected to a 16QAM demodulator block. This connection is “complex”
where I am assuming the I-Q is being passed as a complex number. I want
to feed the output of the 16QAM modulator back out an audio output block
then pass it back in via a Audio Input block and then through the 16QAM


  1. How would I would I pass out the modulated 16QAM signal? ( I was
    thinking about taking the magnitude of the complex(I-Q) signal out of
    the 16QAM module)
  2. If I read back the 16QAM modulated signal, it will be a “real”
    signal. How do I produce the I-Q channels for feeding the 16QAM