Help Pybombs

I have in stalled pybombs. I looked at all the projects in the recipe
directory and have run “./pybombs install gr-ham” and a few others but
can’t figure out what it is installing and WHERE did it put it. I
thought it was installing some examples but I can’t find anything.

When you run pybombs for the first time, it should ask you what prefix
want it to install into. For example, i think it defaults to
This then passes that prefix directory to the configurare parameter
“–prefix” for autotools based projects or the cmake parameter
“-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX” for cmake based projects, and the projects
into that prefix. Pybombs is simply running the “configure/make/make
install” for the project you want to install and all it’s dependencies.
There’s no magic about where it installs things.