Help please


Everyone may already know the answer to this one. I’m fairly sure it’s
either fiendishly obvious or devilishly simple.

All I want to do is use ActionMailer to send an email address from a
form to a couple of email addresses in the same domain.

I’m thinking this goal could be satisfied in a couple lines, but yet I

My app’s going up on TextDrive, if that matters.

Any mail wizards out there?


Hi Stephen,

This guide is a good starting point:

There are even a few specific tips for TextDrive users.

Also, in general the wiki has lots of useful info like this so if you
haven’t checked it out I highly recommend it.

I am also hosting my apps on TextDrive and I have created a very
similar contact form to the one you described so if you run into any
speed bumps feel free to ask me.


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Tom D.