Help on skipping a before_filter for a story

Hi folks,

I’m hoping for a bit of help on best-practices for skipping a
before_filter when running a particular step. Specifically the
authentication filter. What happens is that the post (see code below)
returns a redirect response to the login page triggered by the of my
authentication filter, rather than the contents of what I’d like to be

How do people handle temporarily turning of this kind of thing that’s
not relevant to the test? Temporarily I’ve just put an unless RAILS_ENV
== ‘test’ after it, but obviouly that won’t work for the specs that
actually test that before filter!

Thanks for any help!


Given “$field in new entry is $field_value” do |field,field_value|
@params ||= {}
@params[field.intern] = field_value

When “submitting the new entry” do
post “/entry”, :record => @params

Then “should include confirmation: $message” do |message|
response.should have_text(/#{message}/)

We just write a step that says ‘Given I am logged in’ which actually
walks through the login process on the screens (fills_in :username etc).

However you could have another step like ‘Given authenication is
disabled on the site’ which does something dirty to your
ApplicationController using mocks to replace the function you’re
calling from the before filter with a mocked response.

Something like


I don’t think is is recommended though as these are meant to be full-
stack integration tests - using mocking is a bad habit to get into.

On 9 Sep 2008, at 01:33, Eric Harris-Braun wrote:

not relevant to the test? Temporarily I’ve just put an unless
@params[field.intern] = field_value

He who is content with his lot probably has a lot.

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