Help Needed with Deployment Issue in Ruby on Rails

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Ruby on Rails and have been learning through ruby tutorial. I’ve recently encountered a problem with deploying my Rails app and could really use some help.

Here’s the issue: I’m trying to deploy my app to Heroku, but I keep getting an error during the build process. The error message mentions something about “node.js not being detected.” I’ve already installed Node.js on my local machine and made sure my package.json file is set up correctly. However, the problem persists.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue or knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @denizcan ,

Can you add more information about the error that you’re getting?

I found some answers in StackOverflow but not sure if it’s for the same problem that you’re facing.

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How are you deploying to Heroku.
There are many ways it can be done.