Help needed to transmit text that werent encoded in program


I’ve been tasked to work on gnuradio and usrp recently and below are
some of the things that i need to implement.

I have got 2 usrps over here and i needed to use one as a transmitter
and the other as a receiver. For the transmitter, i need to use the
program to open a new window where i can enter text to be transmitted
and then with just a click on a “send” button, the program will actually
transmit what ever text that i had entered in the window.

The receiver will then receive and decipher it to extract the text which
i had transmitted.

I have gone through the and and tried to
modify the codings but realised that there seems to have alot of
interferences between the 2 usrps even though they are place close
together. If i just transmit once, the receiver might not be able to
even receive it.

The other problem is writing the codings to actually open up a window
with buttons that i can apply controls to it so that with a click on the
“send” button, it will trigger the usrp to start transmitting.

Is there are such available programs or maybe something which i can have
as a reference to?