Help needed to start with RoR

I am a new guy to enter the world of RoR.
I am still in my college and will be graduating in September this year.
I have worked a bit in RoR but all of my projects were non commercial
and made just for fun and learning.Now I am seriously thinking of making
a career in RoR.
I would like to know what are the prospects and what is a good place to
start with ?
I mean materials to learn RoR …

Thanks for the time and help in advance.

Among others:

Also, I wouldn’t lock me in a “RoR” context and I’d look for articles
about Ruby (without Rails), there are tons of good tips and habits to
learn from various websites and books.

Oh, and did I mention testing? Do it a lot, it seems boring at first but
one day you will be saved by it… The subject is addressed in the
above-mentioned resources.

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Thanks for the time and help in advance.

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You’d probably get better information on a Rails list (this is a Ruby
but I’d highly recommend the guides ( for
understanding Rails, and Railscasts ( to see how
others have addressed common issues.

I’ve found Beginning Rails 3 to be very valuable.
FWIW, I like it better than Agile Web D. with Rails as it is
quite a bit more detailed.

^^ this is a great book. I have only read the first half but it covers
some peripheral programs early like git and github.


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