Help needed to improve scripting


hi Everybody,

I’m gonna ask you an unusual question.
I’ve started learning about GNURadio about 3 months ago and, so far,
I’ve written my first piece of code.

It is just a flow-graph implemented in Python using GNURadio community
provided blocks, the application is meant to allow the user to select a
center frequency and a band and watch it both in frequency and in time
It is also possible to add AM/FM audio demodulation to actually “hear”
the slice of spectrum that one is watching.
A functionality also implemented is to record the sample stream to the
Hard Drive and then play it back afterwards.

I really don’t think that, as it is, my script is good code. Actually it
is the first thing I’ve ever written in Python, and, moreover, I used
the example fm receiver script as a template to start from.

But I saw on gnuradio page that the community is encouraged to provide
some scripts for gnuradio-examples tarball, and I’d love to contribute

    so what I'm actually asking is the help and the precious tips
    from more experienced gr-programmers in order to improve my code
    and be able to produce something which is worth contributing in
    a reasonable time.

thank you so much