Help needed - Observe_form , passing parameters but

I think after 3 days I"m getting closer to getting my observe_form to
At least now it’s rendering the partial , only with a nomethod (nil)
Here is the problem → I don’t think I know how to grab the params
off the form.

Here is the form -

Category <%= options_from_collection_for_select @categories, :id, :name %> State <%= options_from_collection_for_select @states, :id, :name %> Terms <%= options_from_collection_for_select @terms, :id, :name %> Title City

<%= image_tag(“roller.gif”,
:align => ‘center’,
:border => 0,
:id => “roller”,
:style => “display: none;”) %>

<%= observe_form “asearch”,
:frequency => 0.5,
:update => ‘table’,
:before => “‘roller’)”,
:success => “Element.hide(‘roller’)”,
:url => ‘list’,
:with => “asearch” %>

<%= render :partial => "positions_list", :layout => false %>

From the server log , the parameters being sent -
Parameters: {“asearch”=>“position[state_id][]=35”, “action”=>“list”,
“controller”=>“ajaxsearch”, “position”=>{“city”=>“Boston”, “title”=>“”,

So the user can pick any number of choices in any number of elements

One thing that looks weird in the parameters above is -
“asearch”=>“position[state_id][]=35” as opposed to
“position”=>{“city”=>“Boston” and

anyway since the label names are position[field] in the controller I did

@positions =[:position])

Yes as I said above getting a nil error on the finds.

Anyone ?