Help need with REST-ful httprequest/post

development.log extract …

Processing ClientsController#create (for at 2008-01-14
19:58:17) [POST]
Session ID: 2258f3de2b013ddc9c46d861d917466a
Parameters: {“waypoints”=>“wp”, “action”=>“create”,
“landtitle”=>“blah”, “controller”=>“clients”, “owner”=>“petem”}
^[[4;36;1mSQL (0.000298)^[[0m ^[[0;1mSET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0^[[0m
^[[4;35;1mClient Columns (0.046731)^[[0m ^[[0mSHOW FIELDS FROM
^[[4;36;1mSQL (0.000417)^[[0m ^[[0;1mBEGIN^[[0m
^[[4;35;1mSQL (0.000529)^[[0m ^[[0mINSERT INTO clients
(waypoints, landtitle, owner) VALUES(NULL, NULL, NULL)^[[0m
^[[4;36;1mSQL (0.012764)^[[0m ^[[0;1mCOMMIT^[[0m
Redirected to
Completed in 0.11676 (8 reqs/sec) | DB: 0.06074 (52%) | 302 Found

I’m getting the behaviour above when I setup a simple little one table
example (clients) and attempt to POST a HTTPRequest with this
program …

use LWP::UserAgent;
use URI::URL;

$hdrs = HTTP::Headers->new(Accept => ‘text/html’, User-Agent =>
$url = URI::URL->new(‘’);
$req = HTTP::Request->new(POST, $url, $hdrs,
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new();
$resp = $ua->request($req);
if ($resp->is_success) {
print $resp->content;
} else {
print $resp->message;

The parameters are being recognised but are NULLS trying to be
inserted into the (string) fields? why? Now how do I debug this? Where
can I see what the ActiveRecord base class is doing this for me? Or am
I just drivng the request wrongly?

Thanks if you can help.