[Help] Need help with first_or_create. Never finds existing Record

I have a problem with a form that either updates or creates depending on
whether the “project” exists already.

Im using the def create

def create
puts params.inspect
@project = current_user.projects.where(id:
puts params.inspect
if @project.save
flash[:success] = “Project created!”
redirect_to root_url
flash[:success] = “Project not created!”
redirect_to root_url

Problem is it never finds the existing record.

generated SQL is

SELECT “projects”.* FROM “projects” WHERE “projects”.“user_id” = ? AND
“projects”.“id” IS NULL ORDER BY “projects”.“created_at” DESC LIMIT 1
[[“user_id”, 1]]
Im sending the parameters in wrong but i’m not sure of the solution.