Help: `method_missing' called on terminated object

I am getting this on Ubuntu Jaunty 64 with Ruby 1.9.1-p243. I have
tried 1.9.1-p129 and 1.9.2-preview and it happens with all of them.
This works with 1.9.1-243 on Hardy 32.

NotImplementedError: method `method_missing’ called on terminated
object (0x000000026449f8)

I’ve seen references to this as possibly being related to the version
of gcc on Jaunty. It happens when I wrap an object using
Data_Wrap_Struct and pass it into any Ruby function and then within
that function try to do anything with it. The first time the object is
used, it triggers this exception.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be related to? That is, is
it likely something in my code that was bad all along that’s now
breaking, or is it something out of my control? I just need to know
because this is proving to be very difficult for me to resolve. Any
help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

it was a linking problem. i was linking the extension in twice: once
in the unit test (statically) and then in a shared library which
initialized ruby.