Help me with this test/mocks issue please!

I have a class called X that writes to disk. For this reason, the
class is hard to test. If it wrote to a hash instead, I could test

So I made a new class called X in test/mocks. In that class, I
overrode the methods that wrote to disk.

But I didn’t want to copy ALL the methods from the real X into the
mock X - only the ones that were being over-ridden.

My idea was to subclass the mock X from the real X and only define/
cripple the poisonous file-based methods.

However, it doesn’t work :smiley:

The problem is that I don’t know how to subclass from the real X:

def X < X


…doesn’t cut it! Assuming the real X lives in (proj)/lib/this/
that, how can I subclass from it?