Help me with Method Entry of Gtk

I’m a Ruby N. trying to do a App, where user log on, when the users
will write their password only show *, I’ve been used invisible_char but
when compiled it, I shows a error

set_invisible_char’: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) (ArgumentError)

I was missing an Argument but I don’t what it is, the rest of code is

entrypassword =

Thank you for Attention

On Dec 15, 2012, at 9:54 PM, Alejandro H. [email protected]


Thank you for Attention

Google: ruby Gtk set_invisible_char

One of the early hits:

And from there:

Same as Gtk::Entry#invisible_char=
ch: a Unicode character(Number)
Returns: self

Sets the character to use in place of the actual text when
Gtk::Entry#visibility= has been called to set text visibility to false.
i.e. this is the character used in “password mode” to show the user how
many characters have been typed. The default invisible char is an
asterisk (’*’). If you set the invisible char to 0, then the user will
get no feedback at all; there will be no text on the screen as they
ch: a Unicode character(Number)
Returns: ch

Not that hard, is it?

Thank you, Gennady B.

the correct code is this

entrypassword =

Thank you very much

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