Help me to find a way to share controller and view for a polymorfic association

Hello, I’m trying to complete my app but I’m blocked in front of a

I have 3 models: Video, Gallery and Content.

Every model is sharable and I’m using a polymorphic relation, so I
create a content_share model. I want to manage my association with the
content_share controller and with a shared view, but I lose the

I use video as example

class Video < ActiveRecord::Base
include Sharable

module Sharable
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
included do
has_one :content_share, as: :sharable
accepts_nested_attributes_for :content_share, reject_if: :all_blank

The association works fine.

Now I must create a content_share associated to my video vith a form.

In my video controller I have:

def share
render ‘admin/shared/content_share’, locals: { shared: video }

The problem is the form: when I use

= simple_form_for [:admin, shared.build_content_share] do |form|
= form.input :text
= form.input :text2

I pass as params text and tex2, but I lose every reference to my “video”
and I cannot save in my controller the element.

If I use the nested form, I must use the video controller (and the
content controller, and the gallery controller, etc)

How can I fix this?